Pixals is dedicated to developing customized design solutions that meets our client’s specific needs. We separate design from concepts and spend more time on methodology. Once we get to know our client brief, we go about executing the assignment with ruthless efficiency and innovative ideas.

Our creative team has built its expertise working for demanding clients under challenging conditions. We specialize in our core expertise such as:

 2D/3D Animation
 3D Interactive/360°panoramas
 3D Walkthrough
 Content Development
 Corporate Presentation/Videos
 Image manipulation
 Industrial Animation
 Medical Animation
 Product Demo
 Visual Effects
Unity 3D

You envision the style and technique for your project, and we at The Pixals will provide you visual solutions to your needs. Whether you need a Marketing Campaign, Website, Logo Design, 3D Animation, Video Presentation, Special Effects. The Pixals is your single solution provider.

We assure you that we can deliver animations that match to standards of some of the top animation production companies across the globe.

All said and done, finally a business proposition should also be financially feasible.  Our fee structure gives the reassurance that we provide quality at value-for-money terms. However, remember that quality in design comes at a price!

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